When it’s Your Time to Shine

    Isn’t it time for your story to be told? Isn’t it time for you step into the light and present your case for yourself and your business, for funding, for the opportunity to articulate a new way forward? Isn’t it time to command your moment? A clear, concise and compelling voice that articulates [...]

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Dear Entrepreneur: Don’t Forget Your “Soft” Skills

Let me ask you, what do you do? Oh really? Tell me about your company? Never heard of you guys. I use/buy/have heard of X,Y,Z that does the same thing. How are you different? As an entrepreneur you are often asked about your latest endeavor. It could be at a dinner party or out with [...]

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Take Your Best Shot!

Get Media Prepared to take your best shot! After you have chosen a professional photographer with headshot experience, there are a few things you can do to take your best shot. Your attire for a headshot session should be as formal or informal as your industry’s norms. A law partner will be dressed very differently [...]

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