Isn’t it time for your story to be told? Isn’t it time for you step into the light and present your case for yourself and your business, for funding, for the opportunity to articulate a new way forward? Isn’t it time to command your moment? A clear, concise and compelling voice that articulates your vision is the first step. You’re doing the work and you believe in the mission. Your team is all in and the moment is at hand. Why leave your messaging to chance? What are you doing right now to be Media  Prepared?

One of my favorite questions to ask people when they have a decision to make or are considering a change of course is the “magic wand” question.

If you could wave a magic wand and have everything the way you wanted it, what would that look like?

Most hesitate because it seems so unrealistic. It’s never one of the mental boxes we check. Why not though?  Certainly some would say they want a mansion and a yacht and a Rolls Royce and a supermodel by their side. I think most people, however, would want their families and themselves to be healthy and have the money they need to do the things they want to do. They would want meaningful and fulfilling personal relationships. They would want to make a difference in the lives of others and in the world. They would want to have a purpose in life.

What about the magic wand answer for your business or organization? Is it a certain market share, a sales goal, skilled and dedicated employees, funding/investors? Whatever the dreams and goals for your life and your business are, one thing is clear: No significant growth occurs while you’re comfortable. Real change happens outside of your safety zone. In business that may mean a new product line or business strategy. It could mean attracting investors or securing outside funding. It definitely means getting uncomfortable in some ways.

As a small company dedicated to helping others tell their story by being their most authentic self, Media Prepared wants to put that magic wand within reach. Think about it, wherever you are on your journey, there is still a road ahead. Even if there is no yacht shopping in your immediate future as far as you can tell. Even if the very attainable and realistic goals you have seem impossible at the moment, within you is the ability to chart a new course starting today. It begins with telling your story. It begins with engaging others. It begins with the internal belief that your words and actions and ideas absolutely move the needle.

To start, may I suggest that you begin polishing up your act. Does your elevator pitch rise to the occasion? Are your 3 – 5 talking points pointing in the right direction? How clear is your vision, how concise is your message and how compelling is your presentation? Let’s work together to get you, your company and your message ready to shine. Command your moment!

-Eric Cox